embalajes y transportes medrano

Transportation and logistics


transporte y embalajes medrando

"We offer a transport and logistics service in both Spain and the United Kingdom, offering you the option of outsourcing your supply chain to an expert, specialist company.

We handle the most standard distribution operations at destination with product processing through to the preparation of orders, stock management and reverse logistics."

Globalization and changes in the markets have become the logistics companies and organizations in a challenge in which the effectiveness and professionalism are a target for all transport companies.

Grupo Medrano, with its wide experience and more than 40 years of learning, provides a transport and logistics services tailored to their needs that are implemented in the planning and implementation processes that allow us to efficiently control the flow and storage control of raw materials, processed materials and finished products, to its delivery at destination. This always adapted to the requirements and needs of customers.

National and international transportation:

Transport their goods across the national territory, as well as in Europe, while optimizing the flow and storage. In this way we ensure an optimal handling of the goods either in warehouses or in our client's own stores.

Identification of the goods:

Notice, label and identify their products according to international standards, which allows us to realize the traceability of their products and always know the status of your product.

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