embalajes y transportes medrano
  • Grupo Medranosecurity and control systems
  • Grupo Medranosurveillance cameras
  • Grupo Medranoprotection barriers
  • Grupo Medranobiometric controls
  • Grupo Medranoperimeter security
  • Grupo Medranoactive vigilance
Video-vigilancia Grupo Medrano

The video-surveillance of all our depots is interconnected so we can access the security system from anywhere.

Prevention and safety

Video-vigilancia Grupo Medrano

100% Security.

Our facilities are equipped with state-of-the-art security and control systems including surveillance cameras, protection barriers, biometric controls, perimeter security and active vigilance.

All the machinery we use is fitted with active and passive safety systems adapted to each workstation, developed by our Occupational Health and Safety department. Our efforts in this area help us to prevent injuries to personnel or damage to machinery and products.

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