embalajes y transportes medrano


Research and development projects

Grupo Medrano works on developing new products for packaging, logistics and transport.

In this respect we undertake research projects to create packaging that is more resistant and more lightweight, using cleaner and more efficient production processes to protect the environment.

Our compliance with quality standards, the introduction of new technologies and our experience in the sector have allowed us to give even better service while reducing production costs.

Training and information programmes

At Grupo Medrano we believe that ongoing staff training is the key to the success of the company.

During the whole year we give training courses for our staff to increase their knowledge and skills in areas such as quality control, occupational risks, health and safety, and new technologies.

We are convinced that providing our staff with further training and information leads to improved performance in the output of our team and their managers, this being one of the key factors in our internal and external success which is transmitted to our customers.

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