Manufacture of

wooden packaging

We can manufacture all kinds of wooden packaging in a huge variety of dimensions and specifications to meet the needs of the market: boxes, platforms, containers, etc.

The use of our products requires professional, experienced service so we use different materials in line with the needs of each individual client.

contenedores de madera, contrachapado, dm, tablex

Containers in wood, agglomerate, plywood, phenolic sheets, MDF, Tablex, etc.

We produce containers in the dimensions and specifications to meet each client's needs, using a range of different securing systems: nails, screws, hinges, etc.

When required, our packaging can be made in line with ISPM15 standards (the International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures: Guidelines for Regulating Wood Packaging Material in International Trade).

contenedores de madera, contrachapado, dm, tablex

Pallets and Platforms

We have a large stock of wooden pallets and platforms. We can also provide pallets in special dimensions in line with our customers' requirements.

If required, all of them can be treated for export in line with the ISPM15 standards

contenedores de madera, contrachapado, dm, tablex


We manufacture tailor-made cages to the required specifications for your product. This kind of packaging guarantees protection of the merchandise, can be adapted to large tonnages and reduces product costs.

We can use various different materials to guarantee the stability or protection of the merchandise in question.

contenedores de madera, contrachapado, dm, tablex

Flat-pack boxes

Lightweight, resistant, easy to assemble and ideal for export. The flat-pack wooden box meets every requirement. Apart from solving the challenge of safety regulations in the workplace, the advantages of these kinds of boxes also include:

  • quick assembly
  • low weight compared with to the interior volume
  • ease of loading the merchandise
  • high durability and ease of stacking
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